Saturday, January 28, 2023

Careem launches Falcon Project to help Pakistani engineers

The Middle East and Pakistan’s “Super App,” Careem, has started the Falcon project to help young engineers in the region learn and find work.

As part of a 12-month training program. Careem will give recent graduates the chance to use world-class technology to solve real-world problems.

More than twenty Falcons have signed up for the program. And nine of them have already moved to core tech teams in different places. For example, they can now work directly on a number of areas related to their app services, such as the mobility of people, goods, and money.

With the help of Careem’s engineers, the Falcons will also be able to learn from some of the world’s most famous IT companies.

Engineering Director Khurram Naseem said: “As part of our goal to make people’s lives easier and better. We need to make sure the app works smoothly. This requires a very strong team of engineers who are always working to keep the quality of users’ experiences high.

Through the Careem Falcon project, we can find talented engineers all over the region and give them the tools. They need to become world-class engineers “He kept talking.

Careem wants to make Pakistan a center for technology by expanding its engineering and IT departments. Also hiring recent college graduates from all over the country. The engineers in Cairo, Jordan, Karachi, and Lahore will work on these Falcons remotely.

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Currently Careem has more than 800,000 Captains. Careem has a lot of potentials to become the region’s “Super App” as it expands its services, which include moving people, money, food, and daily necessities, as well as peer-to-peer credit transfers and cell phone top-ups. Careem.

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