Saturday, February 4, 2023

Easypaisa offers customers credit score visibility Feature

Easypaisa, which is Pakistan’s most popular digital payment app, has added a first-of-its-kind feature that lets customers see their credit score. Long-term, this innovative tool will give clients a lot of new options. And also teach them how to better manage their own money.

Only people applying for an Easycash loan will be able to see their Easypaisa Credit Score in the app. Customers will be able to use this new feature to better understand how their digital payment habits, and saving habits. Credit profile affects them.

CEO of Easypaisa/Telenor Microfinance Bank M. Mudassar Aqil said, “Pakistan is making remarkable progress in financial inclusion, Although the economy isn’t clear. Most Pakistanis are unable to get bank loans because of this.

In the near future, credit scores will be available through the Easypaisa app. This is an important first step in teaching our customers about the importance of good loans, which will give them more options when looking for credit. He said that this feature will encourage Easypaisa users to use the service digitally and also move Pakistan closer to a cashless economy.

Credit score education helps clients become more financially independent and teaches them why it’s important to keep good credit.

Easypaisa’s Group Head of Digital Lending and Data Science, Khurram Waraich, said, “Our commitment to financial inclusion is unmatched, and the Easypaisa Credit Score is the latest example of our efforts to increase customer knowledge and transparency while giving them more control.”

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Easypaisa quickly launches the “Savings” feature and an Intelligence credit score rating. Easypaisa’s long-term goal is to create a cashless, financially inclusive society in Pakistan through collaboration and new technology.

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