Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Who is Roberto Piazza, who rejected Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s acting, singing, and dance moves are famous worldwide. Millions of fans follow her every move. Jennifer Lopez made a Netflix documentary on NFL censoring her political message.

JLo provided other personal tidbits that helped followers relate. A major star like her worries about what she wears. JLo has been known for her fashion choices, such as her green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys.

Many designers will custom-make her clothes. Roberto Piazza declined to change JLo’s dress. Argentine haute couture designer Roberto Piazza. In an interview with TV America in Argentina, the designer disclosed JLo’s dress request and why he declined. Architect:

She wanted a lovely, classic, Hollywood, tight, lined chiffon dress. She wanted the same garment without lining. I love López, but if I put one of my girls half-naked, they’ll criticize me. The designer’s words show the decision wasn’t personal and was made to avoid criticism.

Robert Piazza avoids criticism because of his past. The gay designer’s 2008 televised civil union with Walter Vasquez drew outrage from Argentinians. The designer said of his and his husband’s criticism,

“They insulted us anonymously and loathed us. Cowards. People stated a photo of us kissing sickened them. If I get married, I’ll kiss Walter. No handshake.

Mirtha Legrand homophobically attacked the designer on a chat program. Mirtha Legrand questioned Robert Piazza if he’d be tempted to molest an adopted child. The question was cruel and disrespectful, considering the designer was sexually abused by his brother as a child.

The designer said, “Many ask how I healed. Daily battles. I always say art is salvation. Despite my father’s disapproval, I studied women’s fashion.

The designer overcame his struggles to succeed. First, Corte y Confesion. The bestseller recounts the designer’s childhood maltreatment. The designer also founded an anti-child-sexual-abuse group. Due to his efforts, the Argentine court lengthened the period children can sue abusers.

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