Friday, January 27, 2023

Kelly Rowland reacts to Sesame Palace video of ignored girls

Celebrities often comment on viral topics. People in the industry aren’t hesitant to discuss politics, body positivity, or turmoil. Kelly Rowland, ex-Child, Destiny’s did it today.

Two tiny girls at Sesame Place had a viral video. Rosita, a show character, approached them as they watched the parade. As she walked slowly, the muppet high-fived everyone.

When she approached the youngsters with their arms outstretched, she shook her head and waved her finger to refuse. One girl asked why she was disregarded almost immediately.

Kelly watched the tragic video and decided to speak out. She shared an Instagram video claiming, “Had that been me, the procession would have been on fire.”

She asked, head cocked, “Honestly? My youngster won’t hear you?” She completed her diatribe by saying the child deserved an explanation.

The children’s mother has expressed her frustration. “Angry! Please believe I won’t ignore this insult to my children “She tweeted. Sesame Place has contacted her to resolve the issue, but she wants a public apology for the discourtesy.

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