Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Olivia Munn was stunned by “Take Me Out to the Balloon” at Wrigley Field

John Mulaney was the “Game Conductor” for “Take Me Out to the Ballroom” at Wrigley Field on Saturday. He was hilarious.

In the seventh inning of the New York Mets-Chicago Cubs game, he wore a personalized Cubs jersey. Murrayy asked the 41,000 spectators to sing loudly before the countdown after being presented via the loudspeaker.

Murany gave one of the best interpretations in the 40-year-old Wrigley tradition. Olivia Munn was a VIP box. She was filming a comedian’s act when her network camera panned to her.

Mun and the crowd loved Murrayy’s play. John Boy tweeted, “We showed off John Mulaney’s fantastic Wrigley Field performance.” Cubs announcers thought they were “nearly as terrific” after the commercial break. We saw it in Eddie Vedder’s Pearl Jam performance.

Murrayy’s performance is generally overlooked. Train wrecks capture headlines and spread through word of mouth. Bill Murray sung the unofficial baseball anthem as Daffy Duck in 2016.

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