Sunday, February 5, 2023

Who is Yung Gravy?

Mr. Clean is Yung Gravy’s SoundCloud hit. 26-year-old “Lil Steamer” and “Mr. Butter” Yung Gravy was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on March 19, 1996.

He started rapping at UW for fun. The 26-year-old rapper rose to fame in 2017 with Mr. Clean on SoundCloud.

Yung Gravy has released one mixtape, three albums, and seven EPs since then. His music blends trap with 1950s and 1960s themes.

“His record and EP covers echo the era’s popular pin-up graphics,” writes Lena Stojiljkovic on The Badger Harald. This influences his musical style.

His flamboyant outfits set him apart from other rappers. Oops! and Magic are TikTok hits.

Yung Gravy works with bbno$, Chief Keef, and Y2K. His admirers are called The Gravy Train, and he has 8 million monthly Spotify listeners.

In early 2021, Yung Gravy said, “I was at a house party in Georgia that got broken up.” I was jailed for burglary.

“Community service probation. All of my felonies were expunged, but I was still charged with ‘Criminal Trespassing’ and ‘Underage Drinking'”

Yung Gravy had to work 240 hours. On April 21, he tweeted he’d ended probation.

The young rapper is popular online. He has 1.7m Instagram followers and 300k Twitter followers.

Yung Gravy has almost 5million TikTok followers.

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