Saturday, February 4, 2023

Meta shares Pakistan’s favorite emojis on World Emoji Day

Zuckerberg said on World Emoji Day that WhatsApp now has a skin tone slider in conversations. So that users can use a variety of funny emojis to respond to messages and group chats.

Users can now use the whole emoji keyboard to respond to messages and group chats. Instead of just the six that were available before. Meta has discussed Emoji usage in Pakistan and other countries.

What’s New in the WhatsApp Emoji Dock?

Recent data shows that emojis are on the verge of becoming the world’s de facto picture language. Many people of all ages prefer to “speak” emojis when they want to talk to close friends and family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Because of this, Meta has started adding new emojis to its emoji dock.

WhatsApp and Emojipedia have explained what each of these new emojis really means in order to end the debate.

  • Blue Cap: says that most of us will get this wrong. There is more to this unnoticed hat in an online conversation than meets the eye.
  • Melting Face: This is the new favorite, but just like the blue cap, it is easy to get wrong.
  • Skull: is one of the symbols that people often get wrong. Skulls have always been associated with death. But Gen Z people in Pakistan and around the world have given them a new meaning.
  • Taking Notes: we should all be right now if we want to learn how to do digital communication well.

How do people in Pakistan use social media?

Emojis are no longer just for WhatsApp; you can also use them on Facebook and Instagram to keep conversations light, friendly, and open. According to meta trends, people all over the world use a wide range of emoticons and emojis to show how they feel on Facebook.

The latest Meta World Emoji Day trends look at our digital selves, our preferences, and how we react to real-world events. Because we rely more and more on visual forms of communication, like emojis, GIFs, and camera-based messaging. Pakistanis are now more expressive than ever before.

As emojis become a part of our culture, their semiotics become more important and grow in meaning over time. Pakistan, like other countries, has its own favorite emojis for showing a wide range of feelings, situations, ages, and genders.

In Pakistan, the new Facebook emojis that were used the most were (FACE HOLDING BACK TEARS), (FACE WITH PEEKING EYE), (SALUTING FACE), (HEART HANDS), and (MELTING FACE). Pakistani Gen Z users between the ages of 18 and 24 used (RED HEART) the most, followed by (face-with-tears-of-joy), (heavy black heart), (thumbs up), and (rolling-on-the-floor-laughing). It was also the most popular color among people between the ages of 25 and 44. (RED HEART). Face with Tears of Joy and Thumbs up stayed in third place on their list of favorites.

Lastly, people 45 and older from both Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation used the same ways to communicate visually. They also used the (RED Heart), the (Thumbs up), and the (TWO Hearts) to show how they felt.

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Sports emoticons are some of the most used on Facebook. (Golfing), (Soccer Ball), and were the most used sports emojis on Facebook in Pakistan (Bow and Arrow). In Pakistan, however, cricket was the most popular sports emoji on Instagram. Even though soccer was the most popular emoji around the world (Weightlifting).

People in Pakistan’s Gen Z are known to use emojis like “(Clown face,” “(Ambulance,” “Skull,” “Upside Down face,” and more to show how they feel. There are so many emojis on Meta that it can be hard to figure out what they mean. If this is the case, Emojipedia is the best place to learn about the most common pictures used around the world.

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