Sunday, February 5, 2023 joins as a partner for RIZQ, Pakistan’s largest online job board, has teamed up with, an insurance company based in Karachi. Make it easier for Pakistani professionals to get financial goods and services.

Through carefully chosen partnerships and personalized goods, RIZQ will act as a financial passport for people in the middle class.

The partnership between RIZQ and would make it easy and affordable for millions of salaried workers in Pakistan to get health insurance coverage. Because of the partnership, there will be more people with insurance in Pakistan.

CEO of S.H Kazi said, “With the agreement with, RIZQ customers would be able to handle health emergencies. Buying the best insurance for themselves and also their families. Users can easily construct their own inclusion-focused plans to meet their needs for protection,” he writes.

Having a good health insurance plan is still a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.” Sibtain Jiwani, CEO of the Pakistani health insurance company, says that consumers haven’t given health insurance much thought in recent years. Because they don’t know much about it or because the premiums are too high.

We’re working with RIZQ to change that. People can now use RIZQ on to compare low-cost health insurance options for themselves and also their families “He was done.

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ROZEE.PK is making an app called RIZQ that helps people with their finances. The personalized financial products that RIZQ offers will make it easy for its users to get their finances in order.

RIZQ showed off a pre-launch feature earlier this month that lets employees share rides to work to save money on transportation costs.

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