Saturday, February 4, 2023

Google CEO announced a hiring restriction

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, told employees on Tuesday that the company would “Restriction hiring for the rest of the year.”

Pichai thinks Google needs to “be more entrepreneurial” and work with “more urgency, better focus, and more desire.” Here’s the full note.

The memo says that the company won’t stop hiring people for “engineering, technical, and other important roles.” Pichai says that the decision to pull out means “stopping development and moving resources. According to the insider, Google informed its staff that it will Restriction hiring for the rest of the year for the company.

Uber says it needs to be like Google and be “hard-core about prices.” After putting a hiring freeze in place for some departments, Meta told its staff that “serious times” were coming. Spotify and Snap are also going to hire less. People have lost their jobs at Twitter, Netflix, and GameStop.

Hi Googlers,

We’re already halfway through 2022! It’s time to thank everyone for the hard work they’ve done this year and talk about H2.

As a result, the global economy is in flux. We’re not immune to economic difficulties. Challenges have never been seen as problems in our society, which I love. We’ve used them to get clearer and invest for the long term.

I think about how our goal is to organize and make useful information in the world. It’s why I joined the company 18 years ago and why I’m excited about our global impact. Knowledge and computers help us move toward our goals. That’s how we decide where to spend money, whether it’s on Search, Cloud, YouTube, Platforms and Hardware, their employees, or AI that makes their products and services more useful.

People and society do better when we focus on what we do well. This vision is reflected in the first half of investments. In Q2, we hired 10,000 new Googlers, and we have a lot of commitments for people to start in Q3. This is due to the fact that college recruiting is seasonal. These numbers show how excited we are about long-term potential, even in uncertain times.

We’ll slow down because of how well hiring has gone so far this year, but we’ll still support our most important opportunities. In 2022 and 2023, we’ll focus on engineering, technology, and also other important areas, and we’ll make sure the people we hire fit our long-term goals.

We need to take more initiative and work with more urgency, intensity, and hunger than we did when the sun was shining. This means combining investments and making operations more efficient. In other situations, this means stopping work and moving resources. We’ll make more ways for you to get involved and give us ideas to make the company run better, so stay tuned.

Since the beginning of Google, we’ve said that lack of something breeds clarity. It makes people more focused and creative, which leads to better products that help people all over the world. Today is our chance, and also I can’t wait to take it.


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