Sunday, February 5, 2023

Spotify is boosting its video capabilities

Spotify is also buying the music trivia game Heardle, which was inspired by Wordle, expanding its video podcasts to new areas, and getting an exclusive deal with another successful podcast.
There is also a list of the best Prime Day audio deals. Let’s get started.

Heard is a music-themed game that Spotify bought

As a follow-up to Wordle, Spotify bought Heardle, which is one of many themed trivia games that popped up after it. Spotify hopes that Heardle will not only keep music fans busy but also help them find new music. It is the first game the company has bought. You can find out more by going to this page.

Video podcasts are now available on Spotify in six new countries

Spotify is now available in six more markets, this is because video podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Starting today, customers in Europe and Latin America can upload video podcasts to the company’s platform. In the past, video podcasts were only available in English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand.

Spotify just added new discovery playlists for podcasts in Japan, the Philippines, and Argentina, among other places, in an effort to make podcasts more popular around the world. YouTube, which already has a big presence around the world, is trying to stop it. Recent research shows that YouTube has already surpassed iTunes as the most popular platform for podcasts in the US. This is because the two platforms are becoming more and more connected.

Now you can only get Toni and Ryan on Spotify, a popular Australian podcast

I promise that this will be the last song I share with you on Spotify. Ryan Jon Dunn and Toni Lodge, two well-known Australian podcasters, have signed long-term deals. The comedy talk show, which started less than a year ago and is on Spotify’s Australian podcast list at number 26, gets more than a million downloads each month. Starting August 8, Spotify will be the official podcast provider.

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