Friday, January 27, 2023

Priya Anand says she wants to marry godman Nithyanand

Priya Anand is a Tamil and Telugu actress. She debuted in Tamil with Vaamanan in 2009 and in Telugu with Leader a year later.

She made her Hindi debut in 2012 with English Vinglish and then Fukrey. While the actress is successful, she’s making headlines for her statements on a Saint guru and self-proclaimed ‘godman’

Priya Anand said she wants to marry Nityananda Swami in a YouTube interview. Thousands of devotees love and worship him despite the lies against him.

She stated that she wouldn’t need to change her last name if she marries him because it’s similar. Priya’s comments have gone viral, but she may have been joking. The actress’s explanation is awaited.

Nithyanand, the guru, fled India after being accused of rape and kidnapping. He afterwards founded Kailaasa, his own self-proclaimed island nation.

Priya Anand was in Puneeth Rajkumar’s blockbuster James. After 10 years, she’s back to Tollywood with Maa Neella Tank. The eight-episode series co-stars Priya Anand. Lakshmi Soujanya directs.

Sumo and Kasethan Kadavulada star Mirchi Shiva, and Andhagan stars Prashanth.

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