Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mindy Kaling will cast Priyanka Chopra as THIS role

Fans are delighted to see Priyanka Chopra partner up with Mindy Kaling for a romantic comedy about South Asian culture and a big fat Indian wedding. Mindy recently discussed this with Forbes.

Kaling told Forbes how her future film with Chopra will investigate South Asian portrayal. said “We’re proud to demonstrate southern Indian South Asian Americans. A Muslim Indian girl is seen. They’re different culturally. Asia isn’t a monolith. Why would people know that without shows that explain and examine it?”

She stated of Priyanka and her prospective film roles, “I’m an Indian American Bengali girl from the East Coast. Priyanka Chopra is Punjabi Indian from India. Different makes our dynamic fun.”

Working with Chopra has transformed Mindy’s love and understanding of India, she told 2020. Kaling’s Netflix teen drama Never Have I Ever has won praise for its South Asian cast.

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