Saturday, February 4, 2023

Why Bella Hadid almost skipped Paris Fashion Week

Bella Hadid almost missed PFW. Hadid recently posted on Instagram about problems before her Fashion Week show. The 25-year-old supermodel posted photos of herself on a balcony and the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday.

Hadid wore low-rise jeans, a crop top, and a black jacket in her photos. Her sunglasses made her outfit. The model revealed that she almost missed Balenciaga’s 51st Couture Collection because she lost her passport. “Passport gone. NEW PASSPORT 530am landing. 7 o’clock 12pm, “Hadid captioned. She said, “Squeaked by.”

She arrived 90 minutes early and rocked the runway. Hadid wore an emerald green dress with a bow and long black gloves to the performance.

The popular show also featured Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, Naomi Campbell, and more. Fans were startled and happy to see their favorite stars widening their horizons.

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