Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kim Kardashian shared North’s photos after asking paps to’stop’

Kim Kardashian posts social media updates from Paris. Some of the fashion mogul’s admirers dislike the photos.

The SKIMS founder, 41, is in Paris with North West and mom Kris Jenner for Paris Fashion Week. On Friday, she uploaded photos from her trip on Instagram.

Internet users criticized the post, which featured ten photos of North, whom Kim shares with Kanye West.

Netizens attacked North’s appearance and demeanor at the couture presentations, saying she gets unwelcome attention.

Some remarked that North was carrying a sign that said’stop’ because she was annoyed with the camera.

One person remarked, “Kim posted photos of North after she pleaded for privacy.”

If she doesn’t enjoy photos, why put her in the front row?

If a child doesn’t like the images, don’t sit near Anna Wintour at fashion week.

Many blasted The Kardashian star for posing with North in sexy clothes.

“If you didn’t wear suggestive dresses with your daughter, maybe they wouldn’t go after you,” wrote one.

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