Saturday, February 4, 2023

Amber Heard’s plan to dodge Johnny Depp settlement revealed

The “secretive procedures” that Amber Heard used to avoid paying Johnny Depp are brought to light.

Since she was found guilty of defamation, Amber Heard has been receiving advice from legal professionals about the implications of not paying the judgment.

The arguments that Aquaman’s legal team submits might either postpone or completely halt the payment.

Johnny Depp asked for damages to the tune of $50 million, but the legislation in Virginia only allowed him $15 million.

Ms. Heard began by making the claim that the opinion piece that was published in 2016 in the Washington Post did ‘no genuine reputational injury.’

The legal team stated that there was no evidence to support the claim that Heard’s opinion piece had a negative impact on Depp’s reputation. Mr. Depp claimed that the restraining order was detrimental to his professional reputation. Their divorce was the impetus for the order issued in May of 2016. He can’t get compensated.”

After that, the singer filed an appeal against the qualifications of one of the jurors, claiming that their birth dates were different.

The defense for Ms. Heard has asked for a third trial on the grounds that jury 15 should be considered “implicated.”

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