Saturday, January 28, 2023

Amber Heard’s $15M ‘tell-all’ book contract draws criticism

Since Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, internet trolls have taken an interest in Amber Heard as a target.

Now, the Aquaman actor is being criticized due to rumors that she is in the process of signing a “tell-all” book contract worth many millions of dollars.

According to Radar Magazine, the “gut-spilling revenge thriller” has caused “frenzy in the publishing sector,” and the amount of $15 million has been brought up in conversation.

Many people on the internet have expressed their disapproval of Heard’s plans to publish the book after her case was thrown out.

“What kind of publisher would consider hiring an author who spreads slander?” According to Newsweek, Jahan Kalantar, the person responsible for developing TikTok, responded to the query in a video.

Noah Glenn Carte initiated a chat on TikTok about the rumored book deal, which resulted in a substantial amount of dialogue.

Someone who left a comment on the article stated, “I don’t know why people like her.” [Cite]

“Because the book contains lies, he has the right to sue her for defamation of character. It would be best for Witch to forget the past.” An additional point

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