Saturday, January 28, 2023

Internet shutdowns have cost more than $10 billion in 2022

Even though shutdowns problems with internet service providers are by far the most common cause of outages. The government can also do things to stop people from using the internet. For example, governments can stop people from protesting on the internet, but doing so costs a lot.

Recent findings from Top10VPN help us understand the situation better. According to the study’s results, forced internet shutdowns by different governments cost the world economy $10 billion in 2022. Even though we are only a little more than halfway through the year, this is a huge improvement.

The research team at Top10VPN took a look into the government shutdowns that occurs in 16 different countries. And figured out how much money is missing each day because of the shutdowns. This meant that millions of people in Russia and Pakistan had to stop their protests.

Another reason why the government in Sudan, Syria, Algeria, and other countries cut off internet access was to try to stop students from cheating on tests. More than $6 million is lost each day due to Internet shutdowns that are not induced to war.

It’s important to note that Top10VPN’s research focuses mostly on major outages and doesn’t look at how smaller outages affect the economy and human rights in other ways. It is likely that this has a far greater impact on the global economy than previously thought.

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But experts in the field agree with the findings of TopVPN’s research patterns. This says that costs will continue to get out of hand as more countries shut down the internet to limit online activity for a variety of reasons.

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