Saturday, January 28, 2023

Planning Ministry is switching from a manual to an E-office system

The secretary of the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, Syed Zafar Ali Shah, told the IT sector on Tuesday to switch from a manual system to an e-office system that is fast, efficient, and cheap.

Office of Planning Ministry gave these instructions while presiding over a meeting to evaluate the e-office system, which helps businesses move from using paper to not using paper.

More members, the Secretary, and the IT team were there. The secretary talked about how efficient, quick, and cost-effective the e-office system is. He told IT to turn all paper records into digital ones within three months. The secretary told the IT team that they had three months to promote a paperless office and the latest technology.

Syed Zafar Ali Shah said that the world has become digital

He said the ministry needs to use the latest technologies. IT will slowly set up an e-office system with the help of the Secretary. The secretary said that this was a big change that would make the job of government workers easier and save money.

The E-Office tool from NITB helps governments get rid of paper. Also, Electronic administration makes it easier for an organization to run smoothly on the inside.

Before high-level officials can make a decision, it takes a lot of time and close attention to physically move files. Slow file flow, lack of access to top staff, or their absence postpone many important decisions. In most government agencies, files are often stolen or lost. In this case, a person with the right permissions needs a quick way to find papers or files.

E-Office makes it easier for the government to run without paper. It puts an efficient computer system in place of the old way of handling files and documents by hand. With the help of references, the software can update, share, and store files.

The electronic system stores data digitally, and every transaction leaves a trail that can be checked. Disaster Recovery systems (DRS) and regular backups keep government files safe in case something goes wrong.

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