Friday, January 27, 2023

PTA Makes Cyber Security Plan

PTA has made a “Cyber Security Framework” after talking with both the telecom industry. And also well-known cyber security experts for a long time and getting their feedback. Over the course of many months, these meetings and talks took place.

In an official statement, the PTA said that this framework is based on the Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulation (CTD-ISR) and that it spells out the responsibilities of PTA auditors and licensees.

It tells the auditors what they need to do and lets them do a gap analysis based on the PTA Cyber Security Regulations. This directive explains what each security control means. And what you can expect from it wherever it is necessary to do so.

A maturity model is also a part of the structure as a whole. Using this approach, the controls are curated in terms of their relative importance to the overall system. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) looks into how each of its member states deals with cyber security in order to make the Global Cyber Security Index. Don’t forget about this very important point. We should never, ever, ever forget this (GCI).

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The overall goal is to make the IT and telecommunications industries safer for everyone. And the framework is a key part of that. It will make it easier for organizations to manage and control cybersecurity risks. It will also make it less likely that these risks will happen. Also is a step in the right direction toward making things safer, which is another benefit of this action.

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