Sunday, February 5, 2023

Today, Imran Khan will speak at election rallies in Lahore

Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), will be arriving in Lahore today (Thursday), where he will speak at electoral rallies in seats of the provincial capital where by-elections are scheduled to take place on July 17.

The former prime minister is scheduled to speak at a public rally in Lahore’s PP-158 seat on behalf of his party’s candidate running in the Punjab by-elections, according to the information provided.

Today, the Chairman of the PTI is scheduled to speak at a public rally in Sheikhupura.

It is important to note that by-elections to fill 20 vacant seats in the Punjab Assembly will take place on July 17, as this information is crucial to the discussion at hand.

The agenda for the former prime minister’s public appearances from July 7 through July 15 was published by PTI. He is scheduled to speak at 17 public rallies.

Khan is scheduled to speak at public meetings in PP-83 Khushab and PP-7 Rawalpindi on the 8th of July. The Chairman of the PTI would Deliver Public Addresses on July 9 at the Constituencies of PP-125 Hazari Jhang and PP-202 Sahiwal.

Imran Khan is scheduled to give speeches at rallies on July 11 in the districts of PP-224 and PP-228 Lodhran, PP-272 and PP-273 Muzaffargarh, and PP-237 Bahawalnagar.

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The previous prime minister is scheduled to speak at public gatherings on July 12 in PP-90 Bakkar and PP-282 Layyah. Campaigning will take place at PP-127 Jhang and PP-97 Faisalabad for him on July 13.

Imran Khan is scheduled to speak at public meetings on July 14 in PP-217 Multan and PP-288 Dera Ghazi Khan.

On July 15, he would wrap up his election campaign by delivering speeches at public gatherings in Lahore’s PP-167, 168, and 170 constituencies respectively.

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