Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Future iPhones may be waterproof

It’s feasible that future iPhones may become waterproof and even submersible, but it won’t make a difference if they get moist. In very rare cases, the screen stops working or starts to flicker. Wet fingers make it hard enough to use a phone as it is.

But a new patent shows that Apple is working on a way to fix this problem. The US Patent and Trademark Office just made public a new patent application from Apple (USPTO). With this new technology, you can use your iPhone in the rain or even underwater.

According to the patent, future iPhones might change how the touch screen, control buttons, and sensors work based on how wet they are. The pressure and moisture sensors will make it easier to find false touches on the screen caused by liquid. You can move the on-screen controls apart, change their size, or just get rid of them.

Pressure-sensitive screens would have replaced capacitive ones if Apple not have given up on Force Touch and 3D Touch. This means that when the screen is slippery, you have to press harder on it. Also, the phone will tell you to keep it in a range where it can handle water.

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The future iPhones will also work underwater because they are waterproof. Because of this, certain buttons are removed from the user interface, and others are right away.

You need to take anything you read here with a grain of salt because there are certain patent applications that never make it to market.

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