Friday, January 27, 2023

CPEC must be boosted

CPEC can be a ‘game changer’ for the national economy, notably Balochistan’s development and prosperity.

Uncertain importance of this billion-dollar corridor. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to connect 60 Asian, European, and African nations. CPEC would create jobs in Balochistan.

Balochistan and Gwadar are project pillars. This project helps the province’s economy and society. CPEC projects would make Gwadar a powerhouse. It’s encouraging that more governments are investing in SEZs.

Property values have soared with CPEC’s western route. As the planned road network is built, Qalat, Quetta, and Zhob will become more lively, promoting economic activity and other CPEC projects.

CPEC comprises transportation, energy, education, industrial, and other projects. 300MW Gwadar Coal-Fired Power Project, 320MW China Hub The 19km four-lane East Bay Expressway Gwadar, which links Makran Coastal Highway N-10 to Gwadar Port, is nearing completion.

Zhob-Quetta, Kuchlak (N-50), Khuzdar–Basima Road (N-30), Hoshab–Awaran Road Section (M-8), Nokundi–Mashkhel Road, Awaran–Khuzdar Road Section (M-8), N-50 Phase-I, Mashkhel–Panjgur Road, and Quetta Mass Transit are under development.

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Gwadar Livelihood Project enhances fishing, boat-making, and repair services. CPEC affects Alberta’s economy, commerce, and geography. Poverty and unemployment may decrease. It reduces provincial inequities. Shehbaz Sharif concentrated on CPEC after becoming prime minister.

Shehbaz Sharif promised to speed up CPEC in his first National Assembly speech. Earlier, he called CPEC an ambitious strategy to transform Pakistan into a major developing economy to aid less-developed areas.

Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Central Asian Republics will benefit. Connectivity by road, rail, and air can boost economic growth and development. Afghanistan and India will join.

A market analyst stated, “Pakistan may have influence in Afghanistan, but it can’t lose this once-in-a-lifetime chance with CPEC.”

CPEC will transform the world. Officials from Pakistan and China must promote CPEC and OBOR. True economic progress and regional prosperity require political will, expertise, and vision.

CPEC should construct infrastructure, hydro-energy resources, and industry collaboration for long-term industrialization. CPEC will revolutionize regional connectivity and fit with SDGs.

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