Saturday, February 4, 2023

WhatsApp Is Adding These Top 10 Features Soon!

There are new features coming to WhatsApp. WABetaInfo found these in beta versions of WhatsApp. We’ve talked about most of the new things on WhatsApp, but the long list makes it hard to keep up. We’ve put together a list of the latest WhatsApp news to keep you up to date.

As of this writing, WhatsApp hasn’t said when these features will come out. Since they are in the beta version, they will eventually make it to the stable version.

Here are 10 new Features that WhatsApp can do

1. Edit Button

The most anticipated feature of WhatsApp is the ability to edit text messages. You can change messages after sending them, just like on Telegram and Discord. It’s not clear whether you can change messages at any time or only within a certain amount of time.

2. Hide Online Status

People who use WhatsApp want to hide what they do on the internet. The screenshot shows contacts how to hide whether or not you are online. It’s up to you if anyone, all of your contacts, or just a few of them sees it.

3. New Message Reactions

Soon, you will be able to add your own reaction emojis to WhatsApp. Because you can make your own emoji with this feature, it is better than Telegram. I don’t know how many emojis you can add.

4. Move Chats to iOS

Since January, you can move WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android. At first, only Samsung phones could do it, but now any Android phone with the most recent software can. Chats between iOS devices and Android devices are coming soon.

Exports from iOS will work. Both phones must be connected via cable or Wi-Fi and unlocked or working. Things we don’t know

5. Pause and Play Voice Recordings

Soon, you’ll be able to pause a voice message while it’s being recorded. The game continues from where you last left it. This change means, you can listen to recordings before you send them.

6. Cover Images

Like Facebook and Twitter, cover photos will soon be able to be used on WhatsApp Business. You can market yourself and your business if you have more space.

7. Mute Specific People in Group Calls

In the future, updates will let you put some people on mute during group calls, which will make them less noisy. With this update, you can send a message to certain people from the call menu, as shown.

8. Export Backups

Google Drive backups aren’t something new. If you download your cloud backup, you can quickly move your WhatsApp data to a new phone. A new feature in development is the ability to get back to conversations. If you export backups, you can use the cloud to get back lost WhatsApp data.

9. Group Polls

Group polls have been talked about for years, but they haven’t been made public yet. Polls should make it easier for a group to decide. If you and your friends need to decide on a restaurant, you can use a group poll to beat out a picky friend.

10. WhatsApp Premium

WhatsApp Premium has also been a long-awaited addition. It’s only for WhatsApp Business users, and paying customers will be able to do more with it, like link up to 10 devices and change their names, make business links for customers, and more.

Other Features

WhatsApp will soon have new features like avatars for video chats, an extension for deleting and removing messages, automatic desktop photo albums, a group icon editor, and more.

All of these features are in the beta version of WhatsApp, but we don’t know when they’ll be released.

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