Tuesday, February 7, 2023

China’s Norinco Group Wants to Start Joint Ventures in the Telecom Sector

China’s Norinco Group thinks that joint ventures in the telecom industry can help Pakistan and China work together more strategically.

Syed Amin-Ul-Haque is in charge of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Pakistan. On Tuesday, he met with people from Norinco Group China. The meeting took place in this city. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about and look at the many ways to help Pakistan. In order to get more money from other countries (FDI).

At the conference, people talked about many different ways to work together in the Telecom industry. The whole time, people are talking about the Backhaul Fiber Optic Network and the Safe City Project.

Norinco hasn’t had a good working relationship with the people of Pakistan for a long time. By taking part in telecom joint ventures, the company will be able to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries. Since China’s Norinco Group has had ties to Pakistan for a long time, this desire makes sense. Norinco has worked closely with Pakistan for a long time to reach this goal, and they have always done so in a good way.

Some of the people at the meeting were Ali Farhan, Brigadier (Ret.) Tahir Islam, Shahid Rafique, Ding Weimin, General Manager NORINCO Group, Zhang Jin, Senior Executive Business Department NORINCO Group, and also Zhang Yong.

All of the Civilian Representatives for NORINCO Pakistan was there to speak for the company. Zhang Jin is the President and CEO of the NORINCO Group. Ding Weimin is the President and also CEO of the NORINCO Group. Shahid Rafique is the General Manager of the NORINCO Group and also the Group’s General Manager.

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