Friday, January 27, 2023

IT Ministry Will Finish Rules for Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

At the moment, the nation’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is putting the finishing touches on the regulations that it will use to direct the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

People who know how to keep information safe set up a “Computer Emergency Response Team.” This team also works together to keep an organization safe from cyberattacks. Find them, and deal with them when they happen (CERT).

Staff at the Ministry of Science and Technology say that they have been working on the CERT guidelines for a few months. Because “CERT” stands for the Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

Because of cyberattacks on government resources, this kind of team, a clear game plan, and a standard operating procedure are all necessary.

This draft sent to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Each of these governing bodies had a chance to comment on the proposed rules (SBP). Also each regulator has given the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism some ideas. All of these ideas came from working with the different business sectors in their own areas.

When the rules are complete, the Ministry of Law reviews them. The Federal Cabinet will review the guidelines after the Ministry of Justice approves them and make any appropriate modifications.

Sources suggest that after the rules are worked out and a consensus is reached, an organization-wide hacking plan may implemented. The private sector can obtain aid from government entities that must form computer emergency response teams.

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