Friday, January 27, 2023

For the second time in 10 years, Smartphone sales fell below 100 million

Smartphone sales were down 100 million again in May of this year, continuing a trend that began when the epidemic started in 2020. Even though the drop wasn’t as big as it was in 2020. This is the second time in the last ten years that smartphone sales have gone below 100 million.

Counterpoint Research says that the number of smartphone sales dropped to almost 100 million in May. This is a 10 percent drop from the same time last year and a 4 percent drop from April. Check out the graph below.

The number of 96 million is the second month in a row that it has gone down. There are many reasons for this trend. Even though the problems with the supply chain are fixed, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the long-lasting recession in China are slowing the growth of smartphone sales. Inflation around the world is also not helping the situation.

China is still subject to lockdowns by COVID, which is another fact. Because of the demand for smartphones. A number of factories have shut down or are only running at a small fraction of their capacity. This has made it hard for many Apple suppliers to make the iPhone 14, which could delay its release, but none of these rumors are proven yet.

It’s likely that Apple will release the new iPads and the iPhone 14 series in October. It looks like the other smartphones will come out when they should. At this point, there are no indications that any of the major launches scheduled for this month may suffer from delays.

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