Saturday, January 28, 2023

19 people died as Quetta-bound bus fell into ravine

At least 19 people died when a bus that was traveling from Islamabad to Quetta and had been traveling through the Zhob region of the Balochistan province plunged into a ravine.

The accident took place at 1:00 am on Sunday in the Zhob area, and it was caused by a bus falling down a ravine. As a direct result of the accident, at least 19 individuals lost their lives, and 10 others were injured.

According to authorities involved in the rescue operation, “the bus was carrying 33 passengers and was traveling from Islamabad to Quetta,” and they said that the event occurred as a result of the slippery road caused by the rain.

The rescue workers had a terrible time retrieving bodies and transporting injured people out of the ravine and eventually took them to a hospital in the area.

The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, was made aware of the occurrence, and he sent orders to the relevant authorities, instructing them to declare an emergency at Zhob hospital and offer medical care to those who were hurt.

Accidents on the roads are common in Pakistan for a variety of reasons, including a general lack of knowledge about how to stay safe on the roads, inadequate driver education, and a host of other factors.

A recent tragic accident near Hasan Abdal’s Buran Interchange resulted in the death of at least 15 persons. The tragedy occurred when a passenger bus headed for Mardan crashed into a ditch while attempting to prevent a car from colliding with it.

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The bus left Lahore in the direction of Mardan, but on the route, as it crossed Hassan Abdal, it was involved in an accident and fell into a ditch. The accident occurred on the road to Mardan.

The officers in charge of the rescue operation were able to recover the bodies of 15 people who were on board.

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