Saturday, February 4, 2023

PTA responds to telcos’ Data Signal load-shedding threats

PTA has not taken lightly the recent threat made by telcos providers about Data Signal load-shedding. Also, PTA has said that they will not accept this.

Based upon this, the PTA has sent letters to Telenor, Jazz, and Ufone. PTA also, ask each of them to present a full explanation of the Data Signal load-shedding problems that are making it hard to fulfill the rollout requirement targets.

PTA is aware of the financial problems that many phone companies are having right now. The telcos authority is also thinking about cellular mobile operators (CMOs) requesting to raise the prices. They charge for their services as a way to soften the blow of the unstable economy.

The letter also said that if the economy is very bad, PTA could give CMOs more time to meet their deployment goals as long as they followed the conditions of the license they signed. This was in line with the license I must have just agreed to sign. This was in line with the license that has just been signed.

At the beginning of the week, the (CMOs) wrote a letter to the Director-General (DG) of the PTA Enforcement to coordinate their communication. The companies that deal with telecommunications have sent a warning to the PTA about the possibility of losing connection. If the government can’t find a way to fix the power shortage.

When asked how companies are coping with the problem, CMOs indicate they are struggling despite having backup generators and batteries. They also said that the length of the load-shedding has exceeded the capacity of the backups. Which has made the situation critical.

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