Saturday, February 4, 2023

Samsung is the only company mass-producing 3nm chips

In order to beat Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer, its biggest chipmaker rival, Samsung has started mass-producing next-generation chips with a 3nm process node (TSMC). Now, only Samsung makes these cutting-edge semiconductors in large quantities, making it a leader in this area.

Before going into smartphones, these chips are used for low-power computing jobs. They will be stronger and use less power than the ones that came before them. They are decided to make with Samsung’s Gate And All round (GAA) circuit design. Compared to 5nm devices, this should give them a 23 percent boost in performance and a 45 percent drop in power consumption.

The 3nm chips GAA is one of the most important technological advances that Samsung has made in the past few years. We last saw such a big jump in performance when we went from 10nm devices to 7nm devices.

The President of Samsung and Head of the Foundry Business, Siyoung Choi, says:

We will keep coming up with new ways to make technology more competitive. We will also come up with ways to speed up the process of technology reaching maturity.

In order to compete with TSMC. Which is one of Samsung’s biggest rivals in the semiconductor industry. The company is working hard to catch up with and beat TSMC’s 3nm technology. Apple only works with TSMC as a supplier and in terms of sales. The company has more than half of the global foundry business.

Later this year, TSMC plans to start making 3nm chips in large quantities. Right now, it’s not clear how well they will be able to compete with Samsung in this market, though.

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