Saturday, February 4, 2023

Prince Charles changed a law in his favour by using clout

A new report has revealed that Charles, Prince of Wales used his influence to get a law changed in his favour. This comes days after it has reported that he accepted a suitcase containing money from a foreigner.

It will appear that Charles’s difficulties have become worse with a fresh investigation. It disclosed that Prince Charles reportedly pressured John Major’s administration to covertly changed a law. So, it will benefit his landed estate. The documents revealing this information have made public.

The future King of Great Britain reportedly sought to have some tenants of his £1 billion Duchy of Cornwall estate spared from what eventually became the 1993 Leasehold Reform Act. The act provided long-term tenants with the ability to acquire their freeholds or prolong the length of their leases.

According to the article, Prince Charles took use of a contentious convention known as Prince’s Consent. It grants the right for the heir apparent to the throne to exercise veto power over legislation that might impact his interests.

Previously, it has said that he accepted a bag containing one million euros from ‘HBJ’. He had served as the prime minister of Qatar. The Sheikh reportedly gave the Prince of Wales three presents totaling one million euros in meetings that have kept secret.

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