Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Government may partially remove the Mobile import ban

Sources say that since all mobile imports are banned, the federal government is considering changing the Import ban Policy Order to allow some cellphone imports.

Sources claim Customs, the Ministry of Industry and Production. The Cabinet Secretariat has asked to ease the cell phone ban. A statement is coming this week, say many in the know.

People can no longer bring cell phones and other non-essential things into the nation. This is part of an emergency plan to make up for the country’s falling foreign currency reserves and rising import bills. This plan went into effect on May 19.

The Ministry of Commerce (Government) issued SRO 598 of 2022, which changed the mobile Import Policy ban Order. On the blacklist of PCT headings, the SRO has more than 800 entries in 33 different categories.

Pakistan imported mobile phones worth a total of $1.946 billion from July to May of 2021-22. This is a 4.62 percent increase from the previous year. So this brought in a lot of money for the national treasury.

The federal government’s decision to abolish the import ban is likely to release any shipments that are in the port of Karachi. Pakistan’s Minister of Commerce, Syed Naveed Qamar, also promised it when he met with business leaders from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the opinions of several industry experts, revising the SRO could be detrimental to the region’s tax revenues as well as the mobile and car assembly businesses. It seems expected that the government will pass fewer regulations when tax rates are high.

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