Saturday, February 4, 2023

Meta gives developers access to Instagram Reels APIs

Tomorrow, Meta will add Reels APIs to Instagram. The company made Reels APIs because developers asked for them. Reels will use Meta to post content, get insights, moderate comments, search for hashtags, find new companies, and make mentions.

Developers can delete, hide, turn off, or turn on Reels comments by using the APIs. The #Reels can be found by developers. Developers can find the hashtagged Reels. Developers can look for Reels that have been @mentioned or tagged.

With the Instagram Graph API, developers can add Instagram to their apps. Instagram will add Reels on June 28, 2022. “We’re always looking for ways to improve how people post and view content on Instagram, whether they do it directly or through a third-party app. Developers have told us that Reels are important, so we’re happy to give them to them.

Tomorrow, 25% of (Meta)Instagram accounts will be able to use Reels APIs. By July 7, all users will have APIs.

Meta’s bet on short-form video is the Reels APIs. Q1 2022 results suggest that 20% of Instagram use is via Reels. Since Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook 18 years ago, the media has changed. Short-form video is new and growing quickly. Meta is adding more short-form videos, but its article and Reels feeds are based on suggestions from AI.

He said that AI will be more interested in feeds than in social gatherings. TikTok’s popularity is partly due to its recommendation algorithm, so Meta should improve its own to get more people to use Reels and go up against TikTok.

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