Sunday, February 5, 2023

GameBird, powered by Telenor, is Pakistan’s largest Esports platform

Telenor Pakistan made GameBird improve the gaming scene in the country and launched the Esports platform all over Pakistan. Industry leaders gathered at Telenor’s 345 campuses. Sana Mir was the most important person there. Some Pakistani gamers are Arsalan Ash, Haseeb (also known as “HSB”), Amu Shahid, and members of the House of Blood.

GameBird is the first platform in Pakistan to offer online gaming tournaments with AAA-rated partners. Each month, it brings together more than 50,000 active gamers and 140,000 new users. Fans of video games can watch tournaments live, buy gaming gear, read the news, and do other things.

GameBird is the best gaming platform in Pakistan. Its goal is to build a community and show off talent. The players can also take part in competitions in other countries.

In Pakistan, especially among young people, esports is a growing business. There are 55 million users and 33 million gamers in Pakistan’s esports ecosystem, which is part of a global economy worth $200 billion.

GameBird has 60 tournaments and 20 broadcasts during testing Esports Platform

The CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan, said that GameBird will make Pakistan’s gaming community better. It wants to connect local talent with opportunities around the world by bringing all parts of gaming to them.

GameBird is the first and only platform of its kind in Pakistan, also gamers try out different ways to make money. At the launch event, the people who make games talked about how quickly the business is growing in Pakistan and how important it is to make local games.

The panel talked about how gaming jams could work in Pakistan. After the panel, the best gamers took part in a “Clash of Titles” competition. Winners of the Telenor Esports GameBird platform contest will receive prizes.

GameBird is Pakistan’s first gaming site that has everything you need. GameBird promises to open up more international opportunities for Pakistan’s untapped talent.

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