Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Tesla smartphone could change everything

Elan Musk spread a false story about a strange Tesla smartphone. Tesla’s phone makes sense, especially against Apple’s electric automobile. This week, let’s talk about Tesla phones. The item of the week for me is headphones.

Tesla’s Apple issue

Apple’s perks and Tesla’s approach to the market are both similar. Elon Musk is more like Steve Jobs than he is like Tim Cook. Both companies have a lot of loyal customers and fair market prices.

Tesla has trouble with both quality control and marketing. Apple has cut back on marketing, but it still leads the industry and sets the quality standard. Customers of iPhones and Teslas are alike. If Apple makes a connected car, it can go up against Tesla.

Apple’s biggest threat is how loyal and visible its customers are and how much it spends on marketing. The money Apple has is a challenge to Tesla.

Smartphones are the keys to Tesla cars and come with a sound and video system. Apple’s involvement could make Tesla less compatible with other devices and turn away Apple users. In response, Musk might make a phone.

Tesla Smartphone

The phone has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Series, colors that match Tesla, and a link to Starlink. To connect to satellites, smartphones need a big antenna and a strong radio. If it works, people with Tesla phones could have fast connections before 5G.

I think satellite connectivity in the car could better hide the big antenna, and the phone could connect through the car when there is no 5G network or when watching a movie (to get around data caps). Satellite links that are always on let you control things from a distance and report theft attempts or parking lot damage.

Tesla smartphone smartphones become more like car keys, they might become able to connect to Tesla cars. It might have buttons to lock, unlock, find, and call for help. Using a phone to direct a car to where you are when you’re driving yourself is an option. This would help people who forget where they parked.

The Ending

If Elon Musk is more creative with the Apple Watch than Tim Cook, he will make those features work with other cars, which could help sell Teslas. I have never heard of a Tesla smartwatch that works with the car. Tesla watches) don’t mean “cool.”

Qualcomm helped make the first iPhone, and it has gotten better since then. Qualcomm works with Tesla to add features for cars to its phone technology.

Apple isn’t as good at combining a car and a phone as Tesla is. Qualcomm can work with anyone, and in the beginning, it helped Apple get started. Qualcomm might be able to help Tesla catch up to Apple in phone tech. Has more experience with AV and autonomous driving than Apple.

Apple knows more about cars than Qualcomm, but Qualcomm can help Tesla make better phones. If Tesla can improve its quality, which is a big if given its track record, it should beat Apple in driver experience early on.

Due to government rules, Tesla can release Qualcomm before Apple’s new car. Steve Jobs liked cars, so the Zune could be the first car made by Apple. If Apple’s car fails, Elon Musk and Steve Ballmer would have a good day.

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