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Wake Up Time for Real Freedom

If a British officer served in India and then returned to England, he or she would not be considered for a position that required public duty in England.

The point of the argument was that because you rule over a slave people, you should adjust your mentality and actions accordingly. In the event that you are entrusted with any responsibility of this kind, you will maintain the same relationship with the free English country.
Permit me to illustrate my point with the tale of a British officer.

During the time of British rule in India, a woman from the United Kingdom whose husband held a position in the Indian civil service. The woman lived in a number of different regions of India for a significant portion of her life. After the man returned home, he penned a lovely book based on his memories.

This is what the lady wrote:

My son was about four years old and my daughter was approximately one year old when my husband held the position of deputy commissioner of a district. We resided in a home that was given to the Deputy Commissioner and encompassed a number of acres.

There were hundreds of employees working hard to serve DC’s family and guests at his home. Every day, there would be parties, the prominent hunting landlords of the neighborhood would be pleased to welcome us into their homes, and whomever we visited would see our presence as a prestigious honor.

Because of the extent of our luxury, even the Queen of England and her family were rarely seen in public in the United Kingdom. During the journey on the train, an opulent box that was decked up in Nawabi splendor was set aside for the Deputy Commissioner’s family.

After we had all boarded the train, the conductor, who was dressed in a white robe and had both wrists tied behind his back, would stand in front of us and ask for permission to begin the journey. The train would not set off until he had received this consent.

Once upon a time, while we were boarding the train for our trip, as is customary, the conductor approached us and asked for permission before I could respond. However, my son was in a foul mood for some reason, and he told the conductor: “Don’t run the train.”.

After some time, the situation was that the entire staff, including the stationmaster, gathered and begged my four-year-old son, but my son refused to allow the train to run.

The driver complied with the order and said, “The order, little sir.” After some more time, I used the incentive of numerous chocolates to coax my son into operating the train, and from there we set out on our excursion.

After a few months had passed, she traveled back to the UK to see her friends and family there. We took the ship to get to London, but once we were there, we took the train to get to our final destination, which was a county in Wales.

I put my children down on a bench at the station, then went to purchase a ticket for myself. It was too late to join the line because there was already such a long one. Because of this, the son’s disposition deteriorated to a very poor level. My son’s temper flared up once more as soon as we entered the train and he discovered that there were first class seats available rather than the beautiful compound.

The son immediately began his consistent wailing when the trip on the train got underway on schedule. He was speaking out loud at the time. What a clueless conductor he is; he has begun driving the train without first obtaining our authorization.

It was difficult for me to convey that this location is not his father’s region but rather a sovereign nation. What about a government worker classified as a third class, such as a deputy commissioner around here? Nobody in the government, not even the prime minister or the king, has the power to make that decision.

As of now, it is very evident that, without a doubt, we have ejected the British. However, they were not successful in abolishing slavery. Many Deputy Commissioners, Special Prosecutors, Ministers and Advisors, Politicians, and Generals are here today. They publicly humiliate passersby for several hours merely to gratify their own sense of superiority.

The only way to free yourself from this shackle is to abandon all of your preconceived notions and beliefs and fight against every prejudice there is. Otherwise, you can fool yourself into thinking that we are free only by waving flags and lighting candles on August 14.


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June 25, 2022 11:39 pm

Well explained!

June 25, 2022 8:02 pm


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