Saturday, February 4, 2023

The PM wants the mining industry to use modern technology

Shehbaz Sharif, the PM of Pakistan, talked about how important it is to use modern technology when looking for minerals and making power from raw materials. This was on Thursday.

According to a report by the Associated Press (APP). The prime minister said this at a meeting with a group from the All Pakistan Mines and Minerals Association led by the Minister for Housing and Works, Maulana Abdul Wasay. At the meeting, people frequently talked about how to search for and extract high-quality coal, and iron ore. Other valuable minerals are in line with international standards.

Because he said that Thar and Lakhra’s coal reserves and Mianwali and Chiniot’s iron cores must it has used for their commercial value. The PM asked for a report on the growth of the country’s modern technology in the mining industry and set up a committee with members from the Ministry of Energy. The Ministry of Industry and Production also the Federal Board of Revenue, and other relevant provincial commissions. The report was going to talk about how the mining industry in the country has grown.

The Prime Minister also gave orders to set up a subcommittee. Whose job would be to keep track of how things were going in the mining industry. Dr. Musaddiq Malik, who is the Minister of Petroleum, would be in charge of this subcommittee.

There is no doubt that more use of technology in the mining industry would lead to more mining. This, in turn, would affect the GDP of the country and also the economy as a whole. Also, the introduction of new technology could lead to more job opportunities.

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