Friday, December 2, 2022

People criticised actress Mira Sethi over her bold photos on Instagram

Instagram users have gone into a frenzy after seeing some bold photos of Pakistani actress Mira Sethi. She is the daughter of Najam Sethi, a former head of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Mira Sethi has caught aback by the reaction.

The Pakistani actress Meera Sethi, who is 35 years old has reportedly on vacation in Barcelona at the moment. On her Instagram account, she shares photos related to her daily routine.

Now, Mira Sethi recently published some bold photos, which have resulted in a significant amount of trolling from her fans. Some Instagram users are even calling her Najam Sethi’s daughter.

The actress of the successful drama ‘Chupke Chupke’ has already a subject of conversation on social media. In response to these pictures, she is also getting moral instruction from her supporters and other users of social media.

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