Monday, November 28, 2022

The closed caption toggle on Twitter is now available on iOS and Android

Twitter has told everyone on iOS and Android that its video player now has a button to toggle captions. The button is in the video player’s menu of options. If a video has captions. You can choose to see written descriptions by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the video.

In April, Twitter started testing this feature, but at first, only a small group of iPhone users could use it. Since a few years ago, subtitles on your mobile device depended on things like whether you toggle caption in your phone’s accessibility settings or if you were watching a video without the sound on. While they are still present, you may now easily turn them on or off at any time. This is similar to what you could already do on Twitter’s website and on many other video platforms.

If you want to see how the toggle works in action. You can look at a tweet from our Netflix show. The tweet also has a captions file attached to it. The Twitter toggle was visible on the staff’s iOS and Android phones. But there were a few times when it didn’t work right. Sometimes the captions didn’t show up at all, and sometimes pressing the button would cause the video to freeze.

Twitter’s Shakyi Amdo said that the button. Will only show up on videos that already have captions and are not linked to the automatic caption system. It is my wish that giving people a choice will make them think about adding captions to videos they post on Twitter now that it is open to everyone.

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