Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Olivia Rodrigo sparked her new romance with DJ Zack Bia

According to reports, it has confirmed that American singer Olivia Rodrigo currently sparked her new romance with DJ Zack Bia. She has moved on following her relationship with Adam Faze, which lasted just a brief time.

The two people have seen socialising together at a Super Bowl party in February of 2022. Whereas, rumours began to circulate that they have romantically involved. Now, according to information, “Since the Super Bowl, Olivia Rodrigo has a new romance with DJ Zack Bia. They have a strong affection for one another.”

Another insider has disclosed that Rodrigo and Bia have seen being intimate with one other two weeks ago. This comes despite the fact that neither party has provided any formal confirmation of their relationship.

Before ending their relationship in February of this year, the singer from Déjà vu was in a relationship with a music-video producer for almost seven months before they broke up. An insider at the time informed that the couple’s relationship has officially finished since they have over for a bit now.

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