Friday, December 2, 2022

Queen Elizabeth always love Windsor Castle more than Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth has a soft love in her heart for Windsor Castle, according to a former cook who worked for the royal family. During a recent conversation session, chef Darren McGrady admitted that the Queen prefers living in Windsor over her house in London.

McGrady said: “It should not come as a surprise that the Queen Elizabeth has always a love place for Windsor Castle. She has never fond of the palace and it has always served as her place of business.”

Moreover, the Queen will frequently seen speeding back to Windsor because she cannot contain her excitement at returning there. Given how much she enjoys living there, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she decided to do so permanently.

There was always a senior chef, a junior chef and perhaps about 30 other staff members that went to Windsor. We put in our time in the compact kitchen, which offers a very different and far more laid-back work environment.

The chef continued by elaborating on the reasons the Queen favours Windsor. He said, “The Queen is free to stroll around the grounds, exercise the household pets and visit the stables behind the palace. It has traditionally horses and dogs that come first for the Queen.”

That is something that captivates her attention and keeps her busy. And why shouldn’t she enjoy that at the age of 96? She ought to just spending time with the horses and the dogs every day now and letting Charles and William take care of the other commitments.

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