Friday, December 9, 2022

IT Minister Wants IT and Telecom Sector Exemption from Taxes

On Thursday, the Finance Division talked about the problems with taxes in the IT and telecom industries of Pakistan. Miftah Ismail, who is in charge of finances, was in charge of the meeting.

The Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Syed Amin Ul Haque. Recently told the Minister of Finance how the sector has helped the economy of the whole country grow. He also told the Minister of Finance that the sector is having trouble with a number of tax issues. He suggested that a number of taxes are completely removed or cut to make it simpler for the IT sector to do business and to keep the telecom sector in Pakistan alive.

Haque says that the growth of information technology and communications is one reason. Why both the value of exports and the GDP as a whole are going up. This is because both of these industries help the whole economy grow.

The Minister of Finance said that the current government is doing everything it can to help the sector grow and also increase exports. He said that the sector was important to the growth of the country’s economy as a whole. He stressed that the current government is giving these incentives. Thank you for all you’ve made to assist the country’s economy to thrive and improve as a nation.

The Minister of Finance has said he will do everything in his ability to help solve problems caused by various levies on IT and also telecom companies. This will make it easier for both of these industries to sell their products overseas.

The Secretary of Information Technology and Telecommunication, the Chairman of the PTA, the Chairman of the FBR, and also other high-ranking officials attended the meeting.

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