Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A religious group sued Google

Increasing reliance on technology causes frequent problems. This is the most prominent, extensively utilized, reputable, and dependable social networking platform we use.

This newest occurrence of a lawsuit against it involving a religious group may sound unusual for a large business to have such a lawsuit, but it is real. A Google contractor, Kevin Lloyd, working on a project gets fired when he files the case against google.

Kevin Lloyd was contracted to film a movie and other supporting materials for google developer studio GDS, but he was sacked after accusing the organization of pushing an improper amount of influence on the working environment and employees of a religious cult named “FELLOWSHIP OF FRIENDS”

Kevin Lloyd sued Google and ASG for discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation. In his claim, he said he was unfairly fired for opposing such behavior and that Google paid for high-tech sound systems in the homes of 12 coworkers and family. Longtime member Peter Lubbers heads Google’s developer studio.

Friends foster high-level consciousness through fine arts and culture. It’s due to 1200 acres in Oregon House, California.

Google spokesman Courtenay Mancini said we take employment and supplier policy seriously and stand against discrimination and unfairness. It’s illegal to force religious affiliation on anyone.

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