Monday, November 28, 2022

Who Was Balwinder Singh Jattana, Mentioned in SYL Song of Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose wala’s song “Haje Mukeya Ni” came true after his death. The singer was shot on May 29, 2022, leaving several unreleased songs.

SYL song is out on June 23. It was leaked on YouTube before its release. Sidhu Moose wala wrote and sang the song about the Sutlej Yamuna Link canal, Punjab’s river water rights, and Sikh prisoners.

If you’ve heard the viral lyrics and seen the leaked version, you’ll notice one character. Balwinder Singh Jattana was a ‘Sikh Liberation Hero‘ He protests the SYL canal. Balwinder Jattana, a pro-Khalistan militant with Babbar Khalsa, allegedly killed officials discussing the canal in a Chandigarh office in 1990.

SYL is a 214-kilometer canal under construction to share Punjab’s water with Haryana. First proposed in 1982, the Satluj-Yamuna-Link Canal. This pipeline would carry Punjab water to Haryana.

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They’re praised for “blocking the canal” and “saving Punjab’s river flows.” Sector 26, Chandigarh, hosted the SYL Canal meeting on July 23, 1990. Balwinder Singh Jattana, Balbir Singh Fauji, Jagtar Singh Panjola, and Harmeet Singh Bhaowal reached the SYL project office in Chandigarh Sector 26.

Balwinder Jattana, SYL canal’s chief engineer, succeeded. Balwinder and his friends reportedly killed M.S. Sikri and Avtar Aulakh, the SYL project’s chief engineer. After their deaths, SYL was scrapped.

The police “sought retribution” against Bhai Balwinder Singh after the incident. On August 30, 1991, police and his squad visited Bhai Jattana’s residence.

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Grandmother Dwarkee Kaur, 80, Aunt Jasmair Kaur, 40, cousin Manpreet Kaur, 13, and nephew Simranjeet Singh were there (5 years). When police came, all four people were sleeping. The police killed everyone while they slept without warning. 5-year-old shot and died.

On September 4, 1991, police found Balwinder Singh Jattana. Balwinder Singh’s head is worth Rs. 16 lakh. In the afternoon of the same day, Balwinder Singh Jattana and Charanjeet Singh Channa saw a police checkpoint. Police shot them in nearby fields as they ran. The Sikh Community believes Balwinder Jattana helped suspend the SYL Canal Project.

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