Friday, December 9, 2022

Netflix held a global press conference for the popular series ‘Money Heist’

On June 22, the Netflix held a global press conference about the much anticipated series ‘Money Heist: Korea-Join Economic Area‘. It revealed some fascinating insights about the characters, surroundings and other things. At the beginning of the meeting, the cast members introduced themselves and talked about their roles.

Yoo Ji Tae stated that he will portray a character with moral ambiguity for the first time in the Netflix series Money Heist. He recently has used to playing wicked characters. The robber’s mastermind works hard to ensure no one is hurt and prefers to employ cerebral power over raw force.

Park Hae Soo’s return to television as Berlin as the team’s in-game commander has delighted fans. Actor Park Hae Soo shared his insights on the process of learning the North Korean accent for his job as a representative of Netflix.

They also explore the parallels they have with their characters and how the Spanish version of series piqued their curiosity. Jeon Jong Seo, Jang Yoon Ju, Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Gyu Ho portray Tokyo, Nairobi, Helsinki, and Oslo, respectively.

The actors, notably Lee Won Jung and Kim Ji Hoon played Moscow and Denver had a wonderful connection together. When Kim Ji Hoon began referring to Lee Won Jung as “father” off-screen, they said they began to feel the bond they had developed on-screen in their personal lives as well.

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