Friday, December 2, 2022

This is not my engagement ring and i’m still single, says Neelum Munir

Pakistani actress Neelum Munir clarified in an interview that this is not my engagement ring and i’m still single. She does wear it on a regular basis. In her recent interview, she discussed love, relationships and the attributes she wants in a partner.

A number of people on social media are making accusations about this. It has reported that the lovely actress had engaged. However, Neelum Munir explained on Instagram that it was the complete reverse and she is still single.

She said that I frequently wear my wedding band regardless of whether it is on the left or right hand. Initially, people believed I have engaged because of my ring and I’m not saying why I do it. But then they started asking questions and so I thought I’d make it plain to my followers.

The qualities Neelam Munir was looking for in her future husband were a belief in generosity, kindness, and respect for his nation, as well as a reverence for Allah.

Actress Neelam Munir began her career as a model, and she hasn’t looked back since. Deep Jale, Dil Nawaz, Dil Moom Ka Diya and Pyar Deewani Hai are some of the actress’s best-known hits.

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