Monday, November 28, 2022

The PTA Denies Claims About a New Domain Name System for Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) just made a public statement about rumors of a new Domain Name System (DNS) for Pakistan (PTA). Recent events prompted the announcement. ISPs, not the telecom administration. Will be in charge of fixing DNS problems for their customers since ISPs have made it clear that they won’t be implementing Centralized DNS Control.

The PTA also says that the authority is just automating the process of making sure that there is no illegal content on the internet, as necessary PECA 37. This is happening because the PTA told us to. Automatic blocking was already happening, but to make it work better. PTA has said domain name system resolution is used at the ISP level to handle the automation process. It is made to better automatic blocking.

The PTA says that many Internet service providers (ISPs) in Pakistan. Such as Nayatel, PTCL, and others, worked together to make this happen.

PTA further claims that this change would not have any impact on the cost of internet service or its overall speed. Neither will it have any effect on the level of privacy enjoyed by internet users. This move will not affect either the cost of internet service or the speed at which it operates.

Even though this is the last problem the PTA has with the school. It is by no means the least important. The structure of content delivery networks won’t alter significantly as a result of this modification. Which of the following is an added benefit? (CDNs). The media ignore claims to the contrary because they are not true.

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