Friday, December 9, 2022

Writer of popular drama ‘Parizaad’ Hashim Nadeem hinted at making its sequel

Pakistani writer Hashim Nadeem has made hints about the possibility of creating a sequel to the most popular drama ‘Parizaad‘. This serial has aired on private television which breaks many record of popularity.

The actor Ahmed Ali Akbar have portrayed the lead part in the drama ‘Parizaad’. In order to better fit the part, he altered his look. The qualities of loyalty, honesty and self-sacrifice are what turn a common individual who works in a workshop into a very wealthy businessman.

The author of the play, Hashim Nadeem reportedly posted a photo of the actor Ahmed on Instagram with the message ‘Chapter 2’. This can imply that work will do on the sequel of drama ‘Parizaad’ in the near future.

In any case, the administration of the drama production did not provide an explanation in this respect. Moreover, Hashim Nadeem and any other cast member has not provided any specifics.

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