Friday, December 2, 2022

Multiple people can use Google TV

When the Chromecast with Google TV came out in late 2020, Now Multiple people can use Google TV. Its own version of the G-TV software and dashboard was one of the most interesting things about it.

Google’s latest attempt to get you to notice its products and services while you were watching TV was a launcher that focused on personalized content and smart recommendations. But this feature is only available in homes with only one person.

At first, Google TV only had one user profile. But the company quickly added kid profiles so that parents wouldn’t have to see Baby Shark suggestions over and over again. Now, Google says it will make more profiles possible. Even though it was added late, this feature has been available for a long time now.

Thanks to a live server-side update, G-TV users should now be able to add more than one user profile to their devices. But it’s possible that the feature won’t work until users reset their devices or reinstall the Google TV software. When I turned on my Chromecast with Google TV again. A splash screen came up that said, “Introducing profiles on G-TV”. Because of this page, Google added a second account as an option. I know this to be true because I’ve seen it for myself.

After you add more Google accounts, you’ll be able to customize your interface by making different watchlists and getting suggestions based on what you usually watch. Your friend won’t have to listen to you talk about your guilty pleasures, like anime shows or wrestling documentaries. This should make it easier to decide what to watch.

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