Friday, December 2, 2022

Aamir Khan blockbuster film ‘Lagaan’ will present with a new style in UK

It has agreed that the film ‘Lagaan‘, starring Bollywood’s Mr Perfect Aamir Khan will have a new style in the UK. This film is up for an Oscar this year and is the third Indian film has nominated for the Academy Award. Therefore, once more it became the centre of attention in the media.

The Bollywood smash hit movie ‘Lagaan’ has released in 2001. It will shortly adapted into a Broadway production and presented in the United Kingdom. There are whispers going around that production business has contacted by a number of well-known British producers. They have interested in purchasing the copyrights to the film ‘Lagaan’ starring Aamir Khan.

The team representing Aamir Khan has not yet come to a conclusion. The British producers have a number of ideas and plans for the Broadway production. One of which involves the original cast taking the show on the road throughout the world.

People from a rural community play cricket matches against British military officers in the movie ‘Laagan’ It has set in the time period just before the partition of India. This cricket match between the villages has played with the intention of doing away with the charge.

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