Friday, December 9, 2022

Vishal Dadlani expressed solidarity with Muslims over persecuting of extremist Hindus

Indian singer Vishal Dadlani has shown support and expressed solidarity with Muslims over persecuting of extremist Hindus. The Muslims are targeting by the administration of Narendra Modi and faces violence from Hindu extremists.

According to sources, the Indian artist Vishal Dadlani is receiving praise on social media for his expressions of support with Muslims. In a tweet, Vishal Dadlani expressed his desire to convey to the majority of Indian Muslims that they have seen, heard, loved and appreciated.

Moreover, the singer Vishal added in his letter to the Muslim community that there is no doubt about their patriotism. Their identity does not pose any danger to India or any other faith. We are one people and we are one family.

Singer Vishal Dadlani wrote in another tweet that he wanted to say to all Indians that he really regrets the ugly nature of Indian politics. It will happily divide us into smaller and smaller groups as long as we don’t leave each one alone. They are acting in this manner for their own benefit but not the benefit of the people. So, you must not give them the victory.

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